Stop the Silence

When I look around and I see people say that God is dead, or was never real, my mind is so boggled.

But can I really blame them for making these claims?

When I turn on the news, read magazines, or even participate in conversations with strangers, I am bombarded with tragic stories of what has become the norm in our world today.

But my mind is not boggled just because I am a Christian girl who has never even once opened up her mind to all the other possible outcomes.

Because I have…

I have spent hours researching different religions.

I have read books on different religions.

I have studied different sections from the key religions that make up the world we live in.

This is simply because I want to be educated and open-minded to those around me who may feel or view things differently than myself.

I want people to know me for who I am and what I stand for, yet still consider me to be one of the most loyal and kind-hearted people they have ever met.

It seems like in today’s society the two do not seem to mix any longer.

Love and religion in today’s generation are drifting farther and farther away from one another, even though they are supposed to be the exact same thing.

But progressive thinking does not have to come with the loss of religion.

To me, if society is progressing in its thinking and religion chooses not to accept those people for who they are…then we are being just as large of hypocrites as anyone else.

Could Christians themselves truly be the ones who have caused people to be so hateful towards their religion?

I do not think that all things that are claimed about Christians are true, but some of them we must admit to.

Once I chose to truly own my faith in high school, I realized…Christians are constantly under a microscope.

Some people choose not to believe in God solely because all they are seeing around them is hateful, fake, judgmental people.

It is sad that a religion that is supposed to be so loving, is so legalistic.

I wish I could see when this happened, and why religion and rules can turn people from people of peace, to people of disgust.

Christians may say it is not fair that we are held up to such high standards, that we are the first to be ridiculed, but it is fair.

2 Timothy 3:12 and Matthew 5:10 are perfect examples that God does in fact say that this is what is supposed to happen.

I know this post may sound like I am ranting, but the point is to say that in situations like we are seeing in today’s society, the people who claim to be the most loving, peaceful, and caring should be the first to be there for those who are being discriminated against in any way.

It does not matter what someone’s race, sexual orientation, mental state, economical status, or anything else may be.

We are called to love, and that is all we should be doing.

Could it be that in today’s society the reason why so many people hate religion and specifically Christianity is because of the people they meet?

I have met many people in my life who have told me they never want to have a relationship with the Lord because of the attitudes they have seen illustrated through other Christians.

Just like our country is progressing in its thinking today, I believe those who love the Lord also need to stay educated in what is going on in order to continue loving people in the best way possible.

With all that to say, this past week’s tragedies have burdened my heart so badly.

Our country needs more love, more protection, more affection, more regulation, and more acceptance of all individuals.

And I believe it starts with you and I.


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