When anxiety lurks

Anxiety, it lurks.

It crawls and covers every inch of my skin.

It takes up every empty space inside of me until there is no room for anything else.

It tells me, “come close, this is truth.”

It lies.

It makes you constantly feel like the victim.

It makes you forget your strength.

It piles up and flushes depression through your veins.


Where does my help come from?

Where do I run when everything is so dark?

I can hear you in the distance calling out my name, telling me to run forward.

I run to you, but you feel so far away.

Everything feels like it’s closing in.

I can’t breathe.


I think of you.

I need you.

I need fresh breath.

I need fresh air.

I need eternal love and peace.

Where are you peace?

Nothing feels clear.

Where is hope?

What do I cling to when everything is crashing?


Without you I would be nowhere.

My heart would dwindle until there was nothing left.

You’re the grass beneath my feet.

You’re the blue sky.

You are every single breath.

I know you are there.

I reach out my hand, come find me.

I’m in desperate need of your love and affection.

God of love, reach out your hand and hold me.

Touch my skin, come close.

Whisper to me of your protection.

Remind me of my true purpose.

Acknowledge me.

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