Unconditional Love

I am constantly shocked by the idea of unconditional love.

How can it be possible?

How can someone pursue me no matter what my heart’s condition is?

How can You love me through it all?

There is so much freedom in that.

How much power would you feel if you truly felt the depths of unconditional love to its fullest degree?

It’s so deep.

His love touches every single crack of the earth, every crack of our heart.

How can You know my every detail and design and still be so proud?

You are fully proud of who I am even when I am not.

You hold Your head up high and claim me in a crowded room.

You go before me.

Your name holds power in the darkest of nights.

How is it that even when I don’t feel you, I know you are there?

I know the truths that you tell me, which I cling to when every thing else is crashing.

You calm every compulsion.

You ease all anxiety.

You bring my empty heart the deepest joy.

You are eternal peace.

You welcome emotions.

You love emotion.

You love when we openly express ourselves and show the world our true colors.

You are proud of every single thing.

That’s what keeps me coming back every time, Your unconditional, unfailing love.

Your love does not sway back-and-forth depending on the mood.

Your love does not leave when things do not make sense.

You are steadfast when emotions are swinging from end to end.

What could possibly be more calming then having the largest pendulum of emotions, and knowing that You acknowledge and feel each and every one of them?

How can Your love be so deep?

How can it constantly calm the sea?

How does it always know the exact answer needed for every single question?

Your beauty remains so vastly unknown, no one knows Your depths.

You are the most mysterious thing, the most hopeful source.

Every day you give me reasons to live.

Reasons to speak, breathe, laugh, and enjoy.

You always remind me of why it is worth it.

You make life so worth it.

Your unconditional love is the everlasting answer.



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