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My name is Madi Cowell. I am a college student at Liberty University, and I am twenty-one years old.

After endless years of wondering what exactly was going on with me both mentally and emotionally, I got officially diagnosed my freshman year of college.

I have wanted to start a blog since I was fifteen. I guess I never felt like I had anything good enough to share, but my mind has been changed.

This blog is a result of my endless nights of insomnia, moments of mind racing thoughts, times of loneliness, and those beautiful moments of freedom and fresh air.

I hope this blog for someone can mean freedom.

Whether that is reading a post about thoughts you may be thinking no one else has ever experienced before, or even an encouraging word that helps you get out of bed in the morning.

After this past year of being diagnosed with Bipolar 2 disorder as well as OCD, I decided I wanted to speak up and speak out for those with mental illnesses as well as myself.

But this blog will not only be about mental illnesses. It will be about anything I feel called to speak about.

So, this blog could include moments of euphoria, pits of depression, words of affirmation, trials through my faith, or anything in between.

I hope this helps someone, somewhere.

I love people and I am learning to love myself as well.

So here’s to learning about ourselves, our bodies, our brains, our minds, our personalities, our hearts, and the deepest cracks of our inner most beings.

Madi Cowell Blog

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  1. So encouraged by you and your personal experiences that you have shared. You are very courageous and inspiring !!


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